Car A/C Repair Services in Delhi

One reason behind a comfortable ride is the Air Conditioners (AC) fitted in the car. Because of these air conditioners you enjoy a comfortable ride under the scorching heat of the sun. In Delhi, summers are full of scorching heat which makes traveling miserable. To stay cool while traveling your car AC must work properly. This requires regular service for your air conditioner. We always strive to provide you with the best air conditioner servicing facilities.

Car AC repair services provided by us

We have great experience in providing car air conditioning services. We provide all types of car AC services including air conditioner installation, car ac gas filling, car ac repair and car ac maintenance.

All these services are necessary for the AC of your car. This is because:

  • Continuous running of the car in summers majorly impacts the AC of the car.
  • The battery needs to be repaired after continuous usage.
  • AC needs the refilling of lubricant or gas.
  • AC stops producing the cooling effect
  • AC starts releasing bad odor
  • During operation, AC starts producing loud whirring noise
  • When the engine starts overheating

How can you maintain the good health of your car AC?

With regular servicing, your air conditioner also requires proper maintenance by you. You should always take care of some small things for maintaining the good condition of your car AC. Some of these are as follows:
Always turn on and off the AC of your car at least once in a week. This ensures the proper functioning of the fan and the cooling feature of AC. All this helps in keeping the

  • Air Conditioner in working condition.
  • Start your AC in winters also. This helps in reducing the humidity levels of the car. Also, it helps in maintaining the good health of the AC circuitry.
  • Regularly recharge the car AC with gas or lubricant. This is an important part while maintaining your Air Conditioner.
  • Regularly run the defrost mode of the AC for 5-10 minutes. This helps in eliminating all the excess moisture.

Along with these tips you need to regularly get your air conditioner serviced with our best car ac service center in Delhi. We will provide you the best services for your car. Our workers will carefully examine the problem and will use the best methods for eliminating it. With our technically sound machines your car AC will be back in its working mode. The various services provided by us for ensuring the effectiveness of your car AC are:

  • A comprehensive car AC servicing
  • Cleaning of car radiator
  • Replacing or cleaning of AC cooling coil
  • Replacing the expansion valve
  • Fixing radiator leakage
  • Proper examining of radiator fan
  • Installation of the new radiator if required
  • Replacing and checking of AC condenser
  • Checking and cleaning of the blower fan
  • Checking for wiring faults

The major benefit you receive through our car ac service is that the service is provided by trained mechanics and workers. So you don’t have to worry about your property. You can easily get your car AC serviced at affordable rates at our car AC service center. All you need to do is schedule your appointment with us and we will ensure a comfortable ride in a fully effective Air-Conditioned car.