Reasons why your car’s air conditioner might be blowing hot air

Reasons why your car’s air conditioner might be blowing hot air

Whenever you buy a car your first aim is to focus on the features of the car. One of the top prioritised features of the car is the car AC. There is a need for maintenance to all the parts of the car and so AC also needs constant supervision for the proper and efficient functioning.

Reasons why your car’s air conditioner might be blowing hot air
Reasons why your car’s air conditioner might be blowing hot air

There are many places where you can head for your car AC service in Delhi. Sometimes we don’t observe the AC functioning for a long period of time and then realize that the AC has started blowing hot air. It is very important to look after the car AC to save your summer from spoiling. There can be many reasons for the same. The few to mention are:

Leakage of refrigerant:

One of the common reasons behind the hot air from AC vent can be the leak of its refrigerant. The refrigerant is the liquid that flows through the whole system expanding and contracting and thus cooling the air by removing the heat from the system. An AC does not function properly when the level of refrigerant is not maintained in it. The refrigerant leak is not that easy to notice. It evaporates as soon as it comes in contact with the atmosphere and thus an expert eye can only detect the problem. So whenever you see some improper functioning of the car AC you must head to a service center for proper advice.

Fault in the electrical system:

The proper functioning of the car AC is also due to the proper electrical discharge within the system. There may occur a fault in the electrical system that is fuse or any other part. This can lead to issues within the AC system and it starts to throw the air without cooling it as per the requirement.

Broken or Faulty Compressors:

The compressor is the main functioning unit of the AC. If it does not work properly the refrigerant is not circulated in the system properly and thus the antifreeze cannot reach the compressor which disturbs the function of the AC.

If the condenser does not work properly then one may witness a sudden gush of hot air on their face. Also if the condenser gets clogged by stones or debris, there is a chance that the functioning of the same might get affected. Consider looking it through the grate if you feel that the compressor has turned faulty. If you feel this kind of issue then technical support is very important.

Also when in winters in places such as Delhi, the car AC is not used for a longer period of time so it is a possibility that the longer non-functioning of the car AC becomes a cause for the improper action of AC.

Sometimes the compressor can be worn out or works improperly due to a long age of working. In this situation also one must get to the service center and get it repaired as soon as possible.

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