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Nowadays, air conditioning is one of the standard features in modern cars, which requires regular maintenance to secure its longevity. Just because you are getting cool air from your car vents, it doesn’t mean your AC is working at its optimal efficiency. There are several causes such as loss of coolant, the occurrence of bacteria and fungus due to moisture, leakages and so on which can lead to total damage if you skip the Car A/C service.

Visit our workshop, and meet our trained technicians who are well experienced and can quickly diagnose the faults associated with the Car A/C system of any vehicle. At Paulson Car A/C, we offer our customers the best and cost-effective repair solutions, which include fixing refrigerant leaks, compressor check, replacement of AC filter, and more. We ensure our customers to inspect, repair, or replace the damaged parts using the state-of-art technology and modern methods.

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Car A/C Repair

Sometimes it’s a matter of safety more than a luxury if your Car A/C is not working well. Notice the signals such as; hot air coming out of vents, strange noise, or odour while the A/C is on. If you notice any signal, then do not neglect and take immediate steps to fix the problem. Some of the issues are inexpensive and can be set in just a few minutes. Regular maintenance and proper precautions may reduce the chances of the air conditioner to stop cooling.

Always keep in mind that excessive use and moisture are the two greatest enemies of a Car A/C system; the problem usually arises more in summers. Also, Leaks are the most common issue associated with the air conditioning system in cars.

Services and Repair

  • If Car A/C is not cooling like it usually does, it is considered that the air fuse is blown away, but there can be several other reasons behind it. That includes low refrigerant levels, malfunctioning of compressor belts, valves, clutches, or broken condenser. These are the situations when you require an in-depth repair of A/C.
  • In summers, you might come across the moisture or wet air inside the Car, that usually happens when moisture is stuck inside the system, and then we need to flush the cooling system to solve the problem.
  • If you hear some strange noise, whenever the A/C is on, it leads to the fact that the compressor is dying, or lousy lubricant is used. Sometimes corrosion or holes in the system results in the same issue. To fix this, you need to visit the workshop.
  • Another issue of foul smell comes across in A/C, it happens when bacteria or fungus resides inside the system. In this case, either we replace the air cabin filter or mold the evaporator case. This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible as the air you are breathing in is not suitable for health.

Car A/C Gas Refill

As the system loses up to 8% of its refrigerant with regular usage, the air conditioning system of a car needs to be checked at least once in a year   . For the smooth functioning of Car A/C, a specific amount of gas is required. Whenever the gas pressure is low, there will be less cooling, this case is called ‘low refrigerant.’ These days there are two types of gases available in the market that are R-12 and R-134a; both of the gases are used separately. Mostly R-134a is used in new car models due to its eco-friendly nature.

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