Signs that your car AC needs service

Signs that your car AC needs service

The car has some amazing features and the list has AC as one of the prime features in the list. There are many service centers. All the big cities have numerous service center. Also, there are many car service centers in Delhi. Before heading to a service center we should understand the problem behind it. Virtually all the systems of AC in a car have a compressor to pressurise and circulate the coolant and the refrigerant to cool the air.

Signs that your car AC needs service
Signs that your car AC needs service

AC has two different sides of working namely the high side and the low side. The regular servicing of the car AC is very important for the functioning of the entire car. If the AC does not function properly there might occur a leak in the system that will not allow the perfect functioning of the car. These are the few signs that your car AC gives you when it needs repair:

Weak circulation of air:

Weak circulation of air means that the car is really facing trouble. It could be due to the loosening of the evaporator or the weakening of the sealing of ventilation fans. As soon as you feel that the air quality has become poor, you must take your car for service.

Loss in the cooling capacity of the car:

The AC of the car loses its overall cooling capacity and that can be easily felt by just simple observation. This can be due to the low levels of refrigerant or clogging in the air vent or just simply due to damaged parts of the system.  This requires only a little attention and repairing depending on the reason that is causing it. Visit the nearest service center and get your car a check-up.

Leakage in the dashboard:

If one feels that there is any stain of water on the mat or on the dashboard, this can be a clear sign that your car has a blockage in the hose that is preventing water to flow out of the dashboard. The aging of the car and the moisture in the system can be a reason that the AC of your car is feeling leaks. If this is not fixed on time it can cause trouble to the other parts of the car.

Leakage of refrigerant:

If you feel a foul smell in the car on operating the AC. Also, if you feel that the AC of the car is not working properly despite being functional for a long time, and they may be the system is facing some kind of leakage of refrigerant. This could occur due to loosening of seal or hoses which allows the refrigerant to escape over time. Also, the presence of moisture can cause damage to the driver, accumulator or other parts of the AC. This needs sudden attention as it may cause severe damage to the system on facing ignorance.

Weird noise:

If you feel sudden noises in the fan of AC of the car or any other part, this may be a result of any kind of hindrance in the functioning of AC.

Rapid cooling and warming of the system:

If your AC works properly but then all of a sudden it starts warming the air, there is a possibility that the AC vents have some kind of blockages. In such cases, you must see the service center.

Above are the major possible signs that your car gives you when the AC is not in proper functioning.

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